Training Courses & Events


Launch of the CIRIA Handbook for the construction industry: “Minimising Risk through Responsible Sourcing”

We authored the Responsible Sourcing Handbook in our role as Research Contractor, and used our expertise and knowledge of responsible and ethical sourcing of construction products to create a practical, impartial document, including a set of 21 ‘Product Sheets’ and guidance on responsible sourcing schemes and standards.

The Handbook is being launched at both a London and a Midlands event:

London Launch Event

This event is being hosted by CIRIA members Marshalls.
Marshalls Design Space,1st Floor, Compton Courtyard, 40 Compton Street,
Clerkenwell, London EC1V 0BD

Midlands Launch Event 

This event is being hosted by CIRIA members Loughborough University.
Loughborough University, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU


East Midlands Chamber Events 

In our role as Strategic Partner for the East Midlands Chamber, we are involved in various seminars, forums and workshops throughout the year. Our main goal as Strategic Partner is to help the Chamber and its members benefit from our Corporate Responsibility knowledge and experience.


Manufacturing & Engineering Forum – National Fluid Power Centre

The Manufacturing and Engineering Forum provides a platform to address specific issues relating to the sector, the sharing of best practice, hear from exemplar organisations and to participate in relevant discussion topics. At the forum, our Managing Director Ian Nicholson will be presenting, explaining how becoming a “responsible business” can provide your business with a competitive edge.

HR Forum – Employment Law Update (Derbyshire)

This Forum is a platform for HR professionals to share experiences, knowledge, ideas, and to discuss mutual issues and problems, creating a hub supporting best practice. We will be presenting at the forum, and will cover what the Modern Slavery Act requires HR professionals to consider i.e.What HR policies and practices are affected (right to work, immigration checks, financial payments, recruitment practices and contracts), what training you should provide – and where to get advice and support, plus case study examples of bad practice and what could have made the difference.



Training courses 

We are pleased to offer a wide range of training courses to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on helping you to achieve your goals, both on a personal level and in respect to your business. Below you will find details of our training courses to help you build on your understanding of Environmental and Ethical issues. We also offer bespoke training and can develop courses to your company’s needs and current priorities.

All of our training courses can be delivered face to face, in our offices or yours. Alternatively, we can develop them as on-line e-Learning modules.


Taking steps to tackle Modern Slavery and Inequality in Construction 

This course focuses on simple steps you can take to tackle both modern slavery and inequality in construction. In addition, it provides good practice case studies and learning outcomes from previous initiatives.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the implications of UK legislation
  • Identify the drivers for ethical labour and equality
  • Understand how to maximise the potential value to your business
  • Have the key steps to deliver change within your organisation
  • Have the tools to influence Senior Managers and implement change.

This course is relevant for anyone operating within a CSR, equality, sustainability, procurement or supply chain role. It would also be of benefit to senior managers, giving a strategic outlook on the benefits of ethical practices.

Environmental Management Systems – the transition to ISO 14001:2015

This course looks at the 2015 revision to the Environmental Management Standard ISO14001. As part of the revision, organisations currently certified to ISO14001:2004 have until September 2018 to make the transition to ISO14001:2015. This course provides a basic understanding of the main changes. It also explains the new clauses, as well as the steps needed to implement the clauses.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand of the main changes to ISO14001:2015
  • Identify the first transition steps needed for the updated ISO14001:2015 standard.

This course is designed for those with responsibilities of relating to an EMS. However, this course will also benefit senior/top management and any roles who have management responsibilities within the EMS.

Mind the Gap: Exploring gender equality ethics

A firm foundation is essential if you are to profit from a cleaner corporate conscience. Consequently, having the right strategies, policies and systems in place, such as HR and procurement policies, and anti-slavery strategies is extremely important. This course will help you understand the gender gap, what you may have to publish under new laws, and how to accurately measure gender equality within your business. 

At the end of this course you will:

  • Be familiar with gender initiatives in the global value chain
  • Understand the requirements of the gender pay gap regulations.

This course is relevant for anyone in a CSR, Sustainability, Human Resources, or Diversity role. In addition, it would also be of benefit to senior managers, giving a strategic outlook on the benefits of gender equality practices.

An Introduction to Waste Management

Waste is a key issue for business. Importantly, businesses have the responsibility to manage and dispose of their industrial waste. This course looks at the simple steps businesses can take to reduce and manage the waste produced by their operations. 

At the end of this course you will:
  • Understand the issues around waste management and its wider business impact
  • Understand of how to start incorporating waste management practices into your business.

This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of waste management. Therefore, it would suit those new to the sustainability and environment field or whose roles have been expanded to incorporate this subject.

An Introduction to Pollution Prevention

This introductory course looks at pollution prevention from a business perspective. It also covers why pollution is an important aspect of environmental and corporate responsibility. You will develop a basic understanding of the possible sources of pollution, the key pollution legislation, and finally, how prevention should form part of ab effective environmental management system.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Have an understanding of pollution prevention and its wider business impact
  • Be able to identify possible sources of pollution
  • Understand how to start incorporating pollution prevention practices into your business.

This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of how to prevent pollution. Therefore, it would suit those new to the sustainability and environment field or whose roles have been expanded to incorporate this subject.

An Introduction to Carbon Footprinting

Carbon dioxide is the most prevalent greenhouse gas and in recent years has become a ‘hot topic’. As a result, a wide range of organisations now strive to reduce the carbon emissions associated with their activities. Reducing the amount of carbon we emit is an essential way of slowing down climate change. This course examines the importance of carbon from a business and strategic view. The course also details the key steps to reduce your carbon emissions.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how your business interacts with the carbon cycle
  • Be able to identify the major sources of direct and indirect emissions for your business
  • and have an understanding of the tools and data available to help you carry out a carbon footprint for your business.

This course is designed for those who have little or no knowledge of carbon footprinting. Therefore, it would suit those new to the environmental or sustainability field or those whose roles have been expanded to incorporate this subject.

An Introduction to Environmental Management Systems

This introductory course provides you with an understanding of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and how they can be used as an important aspect of strategic development. From this course you will gain a basic understanding of environmental management and the systems that can be put in place to manage obligations.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Gain an understanding of environmental management as a broader topic
  • Identify the first steps to developing your own EMS
  • Understand of the key requirements of an EMS.

This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of EMS. Therefore, it would suit those new to the sustainability and environment field or those with responsibilities for the development of an EMS within their organisation.

We hold most of our training courses at our offices in Mountsorrel (See below for photos). We also hold some courses in London locations such as the IoD Business Centre in Pall Mall. Alternatively, we are able to offer in-house training at a venue of your choice. Please contact Charlotte Baker on 01509 320 100 or via, to find out more and to discuss your needs.

Our training facilities

Our office is on the banks of the River Soar in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. We are a 10 minute drive from Loughborough Train Station, and easily accessible from the A6.

The main boardroom (that we’ve named the Kingfisher room, in honour of our frequent riverside visitor!) seats up to 16 people around the bespoke recycled scaffold-board table. It is a comfortable and spacious space to hold training courses. It also comes with the added benefit of beautiful river views!