Eleanor King – Consultant

Eleanor first joined Responsible Solutions in September 2015 as Graduate Consultant. Eleanor graduated from Durham University with a First Class Honours MSci degree in Geography in June 2015. Eleanor’s academic research focused on physical geography and hydrology, primarily involving peatland management and carbon cycling within the research area of catchment science. Within these areas, sustainability and environmental management issues were central themes, directly relatable to the core principles of Responsible Solutions and corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Eleanor is now a Consultant, and has been heavily involved in the APRES (Action Programme for Responsible and Ethical Sourcing) network, with outputs such as the Guide for Ethical Sourcing for designers and specifiers and an ethical risk exposure tool. Eleanor is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Practioner, with experience of analysing and interpreting environmental data for LCAs and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). Eleanor also holds Practioner level membership with the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA)

Eleanor has designed and delivered E-learning modules for environmental and social training within the construction industry including modules on modern slavery, traceability and conflict minerals and has designed and implemented workshop series on the Circular Economy in the construction industry. Eleanor has also been involved with the CIRIA publication: Responsible Sourcing: a Handbook for the Construction Industry, for which we were research partners, containing industry-led information on responsible sourcing impacts and key procurement considerations.

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