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Find out about our newly developed Ethical Sourcing Risk Profile Tool…

Bridging the gap between policy and practice requires that the supply chain risk be measured, managed and mitigated. This intuitive web-based application will allow users to understand strategic-level risks in their supply chains and provide suggested actions to mitigate these risks.

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If these questions have struck a chord, why not take a look at our recently developed Ethical Sourcing Risk Profile tool? Click HERE to access the tool today. Should you have any queries on how to use the tool, or would like further information on how Responsible Solutions can help with the information the Tool gives you, please get in touch by emailing

Our upcoming Ethical Sourcing Risk Assessment Tool…

Building on the groundbreaking release of the Ethical Sourcing Risk Profile Tool, a more detailed Risk Assessment Tool is already in development, with prospective users being invited to participate in the process and help shape this advanced tool.

Should you be interested in learning more about the tool, or would like to take part in its development, please get in touch with us by calling 01509 320100 or by emailing

and last but by no means least…VisiChain


A supply chain software solution that can transform the construction industry.

powered by Segura for construction. unnamed

Being ethically responsible has always cost money – Now it will save you money

To find out more about VisiChain, please click here If you’d like to arrange a demonstration of the software please contact or call us on 01509 320100.