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Modern Slavery in Construction, Ask the Experts: A Webinar panel discussion

In this webinar, our MD Ian Nicholson joined other industry leaders from Lexis Nexis, BRE and Stronger2Gether, to discuss how the construction sector can mitigate modern slavery supply chain risk. The 60 minute webinar recording covers:

  • Introduction to ethical labour issues in the sector
  • Why construction firms of all sizes should respond to the modern slavery commitments and legislation?
  • What good practice should look like? What policies and processes do I need to consider?
  • What if an employee spots someone they suspect to be a victim of human trafficking – what do we have to do? How can the industry help me?
  • How will I measure progress and demonstrate success?
  • If I only do one thing after today – what do you think that should be?

Watch the webinar recording here:


Your construction project: An animation on Modern Slavery in the Construction Industry

The Modern Slavery Act, which came into force in October 2015, has brought issues of slavery into sharp focus within business and the construction industry.  Watch our short video to understand where slavery might be hiding in your construction project

Your Construction Project: An animation on Modern Slavery in the Construction Industry, created by award-winning anti-slavery film charity Unchosen and funded collaboratively by Responsible Solutions and BRE.

 Our short animation is intended to make the construction industry more aware that modern slavery has the potential to exist in any project. It is based on true case studies and real life examples of slavery. With the advent of the Modern Slavery Act it has never been more important to gain transparency over the people that are working on your projects, both through direct labour on sites in the UK, and further afield in global product supply chains.

Modern Slavery: Toolkit of key actions

Download PDF here: Modern Slavery Toolkit

Modern Slavery Toolkit

Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction

Isn’t it time the construction industry took a stand on ethical sourcing? What should the sector do to ensure it is open, transparent and fair?

This Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction represents both a necessity and an opportunity, as recognised by the Action Programme for Responsible Sourcing (APRES), based at Loughborough University.

The report not only includes the final 10-point Manifesto agreed live in London, but also the earlier versions, telling the story of its development and highlighting some of the key issues addressed and debated along the way.

To view the manifesto please visit the APRES website by clicking here.

NEWLY PUBLISHED: Our latest publication in collaboration with Loughborough University – Ethical Sourcing: A Guide for Designers and Specifiers (Version 2.0)

Designers, Engineers and Specifiers play a significant role in the construction industry. Often involved from the early stages of projects through to realisation and post occupancy/use. The role of these professionals has evolved over time and there are increasing demands on such individuals to consider non-technical issues. One such issue is that of Ethical Sourcing; the lack of general support and guidance on this topic for the design community was acknowledged by Loughborough University who sought funding for this publication from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The aim of this guide is to improve awareness and literacy on the wider interpretation of ethical sourcing. In this guide we use the term to mean more than standard social issues; there is a moral imperative to consider the ethics of the environment too.

We hope that this guide will be widely used and referenced and help designers better navigate through this emerging and sometimes conflicting subject.

Following on from the launch of Ethical Sourcing: A Guide for Designers and Specifiers (v 2.0) at the APRES Conference on 29th November 2016, those interested in receiving a hard copy of the guide can request this by emailing charlotte@responsible-solutions.co.uk or by calling 01509 320100.

A pdf version of the guide is available to download by clicking on this link: ethical-sourcing-a-guide-for-designers-and-specifiers 

Ethical Sourcing Supportive e-Learning modules

The following e-Learning modules are intended as resources linked to the Ethical Design Guide. They take some key themes mentioned in the Guide and build on them in more detail. Ideally they should be viewed in order but they are also designed so that you can pick the topics of most importance to you and your business. The first 3 are construction specific with the final 2 having a more general view of industry.

Please click here to view the following e-Learning modules:

Modern Slavery

  • Provides more detail on what modern slavery is as an issue
  • Gives practical information on why businesses should consider modern slavery
  • Gives practical information on how clients, designers and members of the supply chain can consider modern slavery

 Modern Slavery Act

  • Provides more detail on what the Act is
  • Gives practical advice for implementing clause 54 on the transparency statement

 Conflict Minerals

  • This module is designed to give you an understanding of what Conflict Minerals are and their relevance to the construction industry. There will be practical guidance on how to implement a framework for due diligence and advice on how to address the issue in your organisation


  • Provides practical guidance for organisations on why traceability is key to ethical sourcing, and how to embed the concepts into current working practices.

 Implementing Change

  • Gives practical guidance to understanding how to implement change in ethical sourcing and embed the advice from the other modules into your business and supply chains.

What’s next? Take a look at our new developments coming soon…

Click here for details of our RISK PROFILE TOOL, our RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL and VISICHAIN our supply chain software for the construction industry powered by Segura for Construction.


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