Making the Circular Economy straightforward

Quickly becoming the new ‘hot topic’ in sustainability, the circular economy is already starting to feature in many organisational objectives. That said, there is still confusion around what the term actually relates to. Isn’t it just a new term for recycling? What will it mean for business? Why do we need to change the way we work? These unanswered questions are still standing in the way of progress. Despite concerted efforts by companies and industries, the advancement of the circular economy agenda is decidedly uncertain.

The word ‘economy’ alone understandably turns a lot of people off. But read on and you’ll see that a circular economy isn’t as scary and complicated as it sounds. It is also a key priority for both EU and UK waste management and resource efficiency strategies – so it isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

In this white paper, we myth-bust common misconceptions about what the circular economy is, and provide practical steps and objectives for you to make progress in your own organisation.

Click the image below to access the pdf of the White Paper – Making the Circular Economy Straightforward: