Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System is becoming essential to winning work. If your business wins work by tender with public and private sectors or if you are part of the supply chain in a sector where environmental responsibility is taken seriously, you will increasingly be asked to demonstrate your own environmental commitment, often by demonstrating compliance to a standard such as ISO14001.

The Environmental Management Systems that we develop for our clients are designed to show real environmental benefits by addressing real performance factors.

Whilst we work from fundamental principles, your Environmental Management System will be just that – yours! We will not deliver a standard system that only allows you to tick a box. Our EMS’s are structured to suit the needs of your business and enable you to  identify all the opportunities for you to make a genuine difference to your environmental impact.

Your bespoke EMS will:

  • Identify resource efficiencies & help you save money.
  • Help you stay compliant with environmental legislation.
  • Demonstrate your environmental credentials.
  • Provide a competitive advantage and help win more work;
  • Lower the impact your business makes on the environment.

Not every business that will benefit from an Environmental Management System needs to achieve ISO 14001. If this route is not appropriate for you, we will advise on alternative approaches to improving and demonstrating your environmental commitment. ISO 14001 is likely to be appropriate if you:

  • Win work through tenders.
  • Are required to comply to supply chain standards.
  • Identified that formal certification will provide a competitive advantage